Victoria M. Vallestero
APQO Secretary General


Another successful year has been concluded and once again, APQO is ready to welcome another. As in the past years, the success of APQO is the result of the unwavering support and dedication of its members so everybody deserves a big thank you. I, therefore, enjoin everyone to give a toast to 2004 with the hope that what has been started some twenty one years ago which is the APQO, will live on not only in our hearts but also in our minds.

As we look forward to a prosperous year for APQO, I have prepared my wish list for 2004 that I would like to share with you.

  1. May our tribe increase. Here's a wish that membership to the APQO will increase so we can vigorously pursue our objective of continuously improving the quality of goods and services not only in the Asia Pacific rim but also throughout the world.

  2. A more proactive approach to all issues and probable problems that might stunt the growth of quality improvement.

  3. More active participation and interaction among members with the opening of our new web site this January.

  4. More contributions to come from members for our Monitor and web site.

  5. A successful APQO conference and an increase in the number of attendees from the different Asia Pacific countries.

  6. More meaningful training programs to ensure continuity of our learning process.

For the APQO plans and programs for 2004 please refer to this link. As you can see, we have big plans for this year. We are confident that with your usual support all these plans can be achieved with flying colors.

Again, thank you very much and here's to another successful year ahead of us.