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The Walter L. Hurd Quality Executive Medal is granted by the Walter L. Hurd Foundation, and is given each year to Presidents or Chairmen of the Board who best represent the quality role model for other executives in the Americas and the Asia Pacific.

To be considered for the Walter L. Hurd Executive Medal, the nominee must be:

    • From an organization of more than 150 people.
    • Must be in a position that is responsible for the organization's total performance (return on investment, value added per employee and customer satisfaction). Typical titles would include President, Chief Operating Officer, Owner, Principal, Plant Manager, Partner, etc.
    • Must belong to an organization located in the Asia Pacific region, which includes Asian countries (including India) and other countries bordering on the Pacific Ocean.
    • Must have served in one of the roles mentioned (b) above or an equivalent role during the last five years, since the award is based upon the nominee's contributions while he/she was in that position, as well as his/her contributions made to the quality movement before that date.

Fund-raising projects should be planned out to support projects of the Foundation and that of the APQO. Ideally, the APQO Liaison Officer should be supported by the WLHF in their participation at the APQO annual meetings/biennial conferences, provided they can show evidence that they had been performing their tasks as APQO Core Council members.

All WLHF Awardees can serve as a "pool" of International Speakers:

    • Who can be tapped in conjunction with the annual conferences of the APQO member country.
    • Who can be requested to become plenary speakers at the biennial conferences of the APQO.
    • Who can provide pre - or post - conference seminars (travel and accommodations c/o the host country) during APQO biennial conferences or at major Core Council Member Country's conferences or part of the speaker's honorarium can be donated to the WLHF. Speakers may also donate their honorarium to the member country.

WLHF could organize worthwhile projects which could be of interest to the Core Council and can be availed of by qualified individual members.



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