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Jose Fco. González Prado
Chairman-IAPQA, General Director-MIQC

When New Year approaches we do not disregard the year that passes away but rather we learn from it and develop a vision that meets what we like and plan accordingly.

2003 has been a year that enables us to know that humanity is still imperfect and that life still depends largely from nature as we could see in Bam, Iran, San Bernardino, and California in the United States. Maybe there were as many casualties in Iraq as in Iran, in one part because the lack of perfection of the countries' relations and by the other the force of the nature. In other parts of the world there were hunger, recession, still delinquencies and terrorism.

However, we also saw successes in industry, in economy, in science and in health. Microprocessors continues its development, China continues growing its economy at the highest rate worldwide and Russia became a rapid growing economy country. China also put a man in the space, and China, Singapore and neighboring countries control the SAARS virus and the strong epidemic.

When we look back at the successes we have reached, we find that quality was one of the drivers that pushes us for striving hard. The International Asia Pacific Award sponsored and coordinated by the APQO has become a successful mechanism that stimulates organizations to have strong motives to continue improving quality of their products and give added values to their clients, and also to enlarge the concept of quality to the satisfaction of the other stakeholders: workers, shareholders, society and government.

Through a benchmark from the leader Quality Organizations in the region, we have found that organizations with Total Quality Systems have organizational harmony, economical growth, support to the community, and respect to the laws and regulations. Quality enlarged, namely Total Quality seems to be the best strategy to improve human relations and globalization.

We may define as vision to have a world in which mankind develops and achieves happiness within a framework of respect, cooperation and sincerity, to define this human vision we need to go back to the Total Quality and more specifically to the Human Quality as defined by our beloved Agapito Gonzalez, which maybe the basement of a new and more cooperative world.

The winners of the three cycles of the IAPQA have been organized from a developing country, which shows that development of leader organizations is quicker and stronger in emerging economies than in developed countries. Developing nations may take energies from the examples of the IAPQA winners and continue their development with quality and competitiveness as they can achieve world-class levels and to revert their wealth into the benefit of their people.

With my wishes that we all contribute to drive the world to refind its track in 2004, that put the seeds to achieve a century of quality for the wealth of mankind.