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APQO can have as many associate members from the APQO regions. But these members cannot be part of the Core Council and they have no voting rights. An Associate Member of the Council can officially organize an APQO Conference provided the Official Member of APQO writes a letter addressed to the APQO President and approved by the Core Council.


Charter members, either individual or organizational, are those either present or represented during the First Executive Committee meeting in Manila (1981) and the Second Executive meeting in Mexico (1983). They are not members of the Core Council and they have no voting rights.


Names of APQO charter members will always be listed in all APQO publications where membership list is included.
Charter Members will remain in the APQO mailing list for as long as they respond to APQO communications.


A person who has distinguished himself/herself for his/her leadership in the promotion and practice of quality for at least ten (10) years.

All past Presidents shall be lifetime members with a membership fee of $250.