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August 01, 2005

Dear  APQO Core Council Officers and Associate Members,

It is my pleasure to report you the 6th International Conference of Quality Managers ( 6th ICQM) organized by Iranian Society of Quality Managers  ( ISQM) which was held on July 17-18 and 19-20, 2005 in Tehran, Iran with the central theme "Corporate Social Responsibility, A Requirement for Excellence."  As a unique initiative, the Conference was held  in two successive rounds to accommodate 4750 attendees participating in the Conference the program of which was enthusiastically followed by its large audience of quality managers and experts in both rounds.

In addition to the Opening  Ceremony and Plenary Sessions, Closing Plenary Session and Closing Ceremony, there were 30 parallel technical sessions, in six time slots and in five streams,  covering a variety of  sub-themes and elaborating the main theme of the Conference and vital issues related to quality. 

The distinguished Keynoters, Mr. Charles A. Aubrey II , Professor Mohamed Zairi, Professor Vinod Singhal and Mr. Janak Mehta, delivered their keynote speech in the Opening and Closing Plenary Sessions which were greatly appreciated by the participants as well as their technical workshops which received utmost attention.  There were in total 81 approved papers among which 35 were from eminent professors and professionals involved in quality from  Bangladesh, Canada, England, Hungary, India, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, Union Arab Emirates and United States, in addition to Iran,  who contributed in the Conference. ( photo attached )

All attendees were able to hear the presentations through the head sets either in English or Persian language by the simultaneous translation facilities provided by the organizer. The Conference was honored to have high profile representatives from EOQ and EFQM  to  present in the Conference in person and invite, at the Closing Ceremony,  the participants to their forthcoming  international quality  events in Belgium and Wales , respectively.  The Conference concluded with the Recognitions, the Resolution, and announcement  and distribution of  7th ICQM first circular for  July 16-19, 2006 in Tehran with the support of  21 top and active international organizations  from three continents and 15 countries with the theme " Change Management, Sustainable Improvement Strategy." 

During the Conference, each participant had  the opportunity to feedback six times,  in each of the six possible technical sessions he or she could attend during the two days of the Conference, through separate questionnaires. As a result, the organizers received  more than 16000 completed questionnaires  which were automatically summed up and reflected to the audience at the Closing Ceremony of each round  as the report of instant survey of the Conference. In addition to this overall feedback and report, each speaker could have the complete echo of the audience for his or her presentation few hours after the presentation. The Conference  technical materials were prepared as two volumes of  books published by Hermes Publisher with ISBN code and also in a  CD  completed with a booklet for PowerPoint slides of the main stream  presentations.

Based on the feedbacks received, the Conference was evaluated as a very successful Conference which improved  the related standards and practice not only at the national level, but also at the regional or even at the international level due to its unique and outstanding features.  Through the completed questionnaires received from the contributors, they also evaluated the Conference very successful and ranked it with overall grade A and as excellent.  As such, it is rather sure that every participant , either speaker or attendee, has found something new and is now more encouraged to put into practice the learned issues for quality improvement at the individual, organizational or social level. Some have expressed that 6th ICQM has generated a massive new wave for quality revolution not only in Iran but also in this part of the world. ISQM and 6th ICQM  are greatly proud for this exciting and delighting achievement.

It is very important to emphasize that this historic success  could not happen without the valuable international  supports received from:

- Asia Pacific Quality Organization

- European Centre for TQM

- Philippine Society for Quality

- Korean Society for Quality Management

- TQM International

- Indian Society for Quality

- Pakistan Institute of Quality Control

- Quality and Productivity Society of Pakistan

- Centre for Management Development

- Bangladesh Society for TQM

Also, I should mention very effective contribution that  6th ICQM received from all Distinguished Members of  International Technical Advisory Board, mentioned  hereunder,  who took time out of their busy schedule in reviewing  the received abstracts and papers and greatly added value to the Conference with their valuable precise comments and approval. I should sincerely acknowledge with great humility and respect:

- Professor Yoji AKAO

- Dr. Tariq AL-DOWAISAN,

- Dr. Ajitabh AMBASTHA

- Dr. Yun- Shiow CHEN,

- Mr. William G. FENNER,



- Dr. Nawar KHAN,

- Professor Yoshio KONDO,

- Professor Hitushi KUME,

- Dr. Erika LEONARDI,

- Mr. Janak MEHTA,

- Mr. Kamran MOOSA,

- Dr. Lway NACKASHA,

- Professor Young-Taek   PARK ,


- Dr. Ali SAJID,


- Ms. Victoria M. VALLESTERO,   

- Professor Mohamed ZAIRI,

- Dr. Fong-Jung YU.   

Let me take this opportunity and extend my  most hearty gratitude to  all partners involved in realization of such a historic success for quality improvement in Iran , in the region and in this part of our global connected world.

I would like, in this occasion,  cordially invite  ALL other APQO Core Council Officers and Associate Members to join and  honor ISQM  by  their  effective and valuable supports to 7th ICQM which is organized to be held on July 16-19, 2006  in Tehran, Iran.

Thank you very much again and looking forward to meeting you at 7 th ICQM in Tehran next year.

Warm regards,

President, Iranian Society of Quality Managers &
6th ICQM International Affairs Chairman

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Fax:     + 98 21 2205 87 86
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Website : www.qm-conference.com



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