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The MIFLORA M. GATCHALIAN MEDAL (MMG Medal) is presented annually to a woman quality professional who has distinguished herself as a person with known integrity and is recognized for her outstanding contributions to the promotion of quality innovation and practice in the Asia Pacific region.

To be considered for the MMG Medal, the nominee must be a woman with integrity who resides in the Asia Pacific region and is recognized for her contributions in either of the following fields of endeavor:

1. Effectively engaged in quality advocacy nationally or internationally, in the last ten years.

1.1. Has proof of uncompensated activities that support the promotion of the quality movement

1.2. Re ceived recognition and awards for work done in the quality movement.

2. Actively involved as a leader in professional organizations, concerned with the promotion of excellence in specific fields of work.

2.1.The nominee has evidences of her personal contributions to the advances in the quality movement in the form of awards and citations from legitimate or recognized organizations.

2.2. Has served a national quality organization in various capacities at executive levels and has shown concrete proof of successful contributions

2.3. Has dedicated time and effort in the support of the quality movement.

3. Concretely contributed to research and publications in areas that significantly

promote quality innovations and rapid progress in the field of quality.

3.1. Has documents to show personal impact on advancing the state of the art of quality practice.

3.2. Conducted research and published papers and books which advanced the cause of the quality profession

4. Proven executive capabilities through sustained rapid rise in rank with concreteaccomplishments in the quest for continuous improvement in either the academic or business organization which she has served in the last ten or more years.

4.1. Company records and employee testimonials of the nominee’s significant contributions to quality relationships and/or products and services

4.2. Recognized by peers or competitors in the business as a leader in the promotion of quality practices or considered a benchmark for best practice.

Note: A nominee that gains highest points in either of the four fields of endeavor can be considered for the award. In case of a tie, the nominee that ranks highest in two or more endeavors will be chosen to receive the award. Only one medal will be awarded per year.


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