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Tehran, Iran
July 16-17 and 18-19, 2006

There is nothing permanent except change.  “Heraclitus” 

It is our great pleasure to announce that 7 th International Conference of Quality Managers (7th ICQM), hosted by Iranian Society of Quality Managers (ISQM), with the theme “Change Management, Sustainable Improvement Strategy” will be held  in July 16-17 and 18-19, 2006  in Tehran Iran .  

As a universal governing rule, everything is impermanent and greatly under the influence of perpetual change. Those who do not constantly change and improve, will not only stand still, but fall behind. This fact is more considerable for management and organizations.  

Product quality, cost and delivery had been once critical factors in building a competitive edge. But today they may be supposed as basic and entry level requirements for a company to continue to be in market. Those who want to have a sustainable development and compete successfully in the future, have to go steps further and act proactively, making themselves prepared to face the future. Actually the main reason for quality concept being  such an attractive issue is that it is naturally based on improvement and development and these two are directly related to change, change of individuals, organizations and communities. As such, quality improvement, quality development and all initiatives for excellence are change by nature.  It is evident that at this age of globalization, managing the change is one of the main challenges organizations have to face with. Change encompasses everything an organization should take care to survive and excel.    

Technological development, limitations in resources, expanding markets, restructuring and mergers, new philosophies and methodologies, and finally the governmental legislations, all are exerting pressure on organizations for change. In business life, managers have to choose if they want to be active actors and influence the change or if they want to take a passive position and watch the change happening. It is not necessary to agree with change, as it will happen anyway. The choice is only related to which group the managers would like to join. The group who leads and manages the change or the group who prefers the change trends push it to an impasse in business. 

7 th International Conference of Quality Managers is proud to launch the debate around the vital issue of change management and invites all experts involved in quality, both in academic and industrial fields, to focus on the issue and elaborate it for developing how-to answers leading to have more influence and share in shaping the future through their implementation.  

On the other hand, large audience of about five thousand attendees in the last two annual Conferences, in 2004 and 2005,  has marked this international quality event with an outstanding great record. It is the only Conference in the world which is repeated twice with the same program and schedule to fulfil the increasing demands and expectations of the participants. It is also an exceptional quality event which is greatly honored in receiving supports from 31 quality organizations of the world including:   

  1. Asia Pacific Quality Organization
  2. Asian Network for Quality
  3. Asian Network for Quality
  4. Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management
  5. Center for Management Development ( Bangladesh )
  6. China Association for Quality
  7. Chinese Society for Quality
  8. European Organization for Quality Hungarian National Committee
  9. Flemish Quality Management Center
  10. Hong Kong Society for Quality
  11. Indian Society for Quality
  12. Indonesian Quality Management Association
  13. Institute of Quality Assurance ( United Kingdom )
  14. Institute of Quality Malaysia
  15. International Academy for Quality Certification
  16. Japanese Society for Quality Control
  17. Korean Society for Quality Management
  18. Korean Standard Association
  19. Latvian Quality Association
  20. National Centre for Quality Management ( India )
  21. Network for Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness of Nepal
  22. Pakistan Institute of Quality Control
  23. Philippine Society for Quality
  24. Quality and Productivity Society of Pakistan
  25. Shanghai Academy of Quality Management
  26. Smart Process International ( Singapore )
  27. Sri Lanka Association for Quality
  28. Standard and Quality Association of Thailand
  29. The European Center for Total Quality Management
  30. The Mexican Institute for Quality Control
  31. Total Quality Management International ( India )

In the light of above, 7th ICQM aims to bring together quality-related individuals and organizations from all around the world to attend and share their knowledge and experience in the field.  Surly,  the conclusions could help all participants to use their new learning for more effective initiatives in improving quality of their products, processes and systems in their organizations, and as a result, enhancing their communities towards more growth and welfare.  

Iranian Society of Quality Managers is honored to cordially invite practitioners and academic researchers to submit papers for presentation. The papers are requested to elaborate the Conference theme, Change Management, Sustainable Improvement Strategy, in one of the following 10 areas: 

  1. Change Management and Quality
  2. Quality Management, Strategy and Global Markets
  3. Performance, Continual Improvement and Organizational  Excellence
  4. Quality Management Systems
  5. Quality Engineering Tools and Techniques
  6. HRM, Empowerment and Sustainable Development
  7. Quality, Organizational Culture and Social Responsibility
  8. Quality, Creativity and Innovation
  9. Quality and  ICT
  10. Quality, Government and Citizenship

A 200-words paper abstract, in MS-WORD format, (single-spaced, 3/4 pages A4 size, margin of 2.5 cm on all sides, font Times New Roman, title 14pts bold, heading 12pts bold & text 12pts), should be submitted for Conference Technical Advisory Board (TAB)  review. ( TAB list is posted at the Conference website at www.qm-conference.com ).  The abstract should be accompanied by a short resume, about 200 words, of the author (s), in one A4 page, and should include the following information:  

1- Title of paper also indication of one of the above ten areas to which the paper mostly relates,

2- Complete name of the author (s), organization, title,

3- Educational background, work experiences, scientific activities, country,

4- Contact details including full address, phone, fax and e-mail ID.

The abstract and the resume are required to be e-mailed to by Jan. 10, 2006 .

All authors will be informed of the review result by Feb. 10, 2006 .

Full papers should be prepared and submitted by Mar. 10, 2006 in soft copy, after receipt of confirmation of acceptance from the TAB.

Note: Speakers will be entitled to free registration. Stand-by speakers will have 50% discount of the full registration fee. For papers authored in partnership, only one author can be accepted for free registration. However, other expenses, including travel and accommodation will be born by the speakers or their organizations.     

All speakers will be requested to kindly follow the guidelines for their final papers and also PowerPoint presentations. The guidelines will be accessible at the Conference website.  Speakers are eligible to have their papers included in the Conference Proceedings. Papers from practitioners or from those working in partnership with industry and dealing with case studies or applications of theories to the actual quality problems are particularly welcome. Papers should be based on actual practices or promote specific new ideas. The papers should be original and may not have been presented in previous events and / or published before. 

For further details and any clarification regarding paper submission please contact Conference Technical Advisory Board at .  

Important Note : Due to large audiences of the Conference, about 5000, and limitations of the Conference Hall, the organizers have to plan to hold the Conference in exactly two similar rounds, each round for a group of 2500 attendees. The first round will be held on July 16 and 17, and the second round on July 18 and 19. Therefore, all speakers should present their papers twice in the similar allocated timeslot as per final program. Also, for coordination considerations, all foreign participants (non- speakers) will attend the first round of the Conference, i.e. July 16 and 17, 2006.    

The organizers cordially invite your enthusiastic participation in this great international quality event and, would like to warmly welcome you in advance to 7 th ICQM in Tehran , Iran .  

Please refer to the Conference website at www.qm-conference.com   for all details and applying for on-line registration.  

Conference Secretariat:

Address: Apt. 42 , No. 21, Street 2, Assadabadi Street ,
P.C.    14316-85493,
Tehran , Iran

Phone: (0098 21)  889 70 849  &  889 73 781,
Fax: ( 0098 21)   889 70 850   &   889 83 782
( 0098 311)  22 30 751  &   22 30 752 and 
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