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Tehran, IRAN.
July 17-18 & 19-20, 2005


Invitation to the 6th ICQM  and  Call for Papers

On behalf of Iranian Society of Quality Managers, it's a privilege and an honor to invite you to the 6th International Conference of Quality Managers (ICQM), which will be held on July 17-18 & 19-20, 2005 in Tehran, Iran.

 Large audience of about 5000 in the 5th Conference in July 2004 and more importantly, the historic and impressive supporting message of Dr. Joseph M. Juran to this Conference, were the driving forces for fundamental improvement in the future annual conferences of quality managers in order to fulfil the increasing demands and expectations of the Conference participants.    


Now, the 6th ICQM is a breakthrough in the successful last five annual conferences, which will focus on the theme " Corporate Social Responsibility, A Requirement for Excellence" and will explore specific related areas in more depth. This Conference aims to offer an exceptional opportunity to go in and use it as a forum for exchange of information and experiences concerning philosophy, theory, methodology and application in the field of quality and quality management. The Conference will provide information on infrastructures, quality system models and quality engineering tools by the successful participants from the contributing countries all over the world and especially from Asia.


The 6th ICQM will bring together quality-related individuals and organizations from many countries around the world to share the experiences with the experts in the field.  We are sure that the conclusions could help all participants to use their new learning for more effective initiatives in improving quality of their products, processes and systems in their organizations, and as a result, enhancing their communities towards more growth and welfare.

Practitioners and academic researchers are kindly invited to submit papers for presentation. The papers should be an elaboration of the Conference theme; Corporate Social Responsibility, A Requirement for Excellence, in one of the following10 areas:


1-     CSR and management approaches,

2-     CSR and organizational learning,

3-     Organization's excellence processes,

4-     Ethics and organizational excellence,

5-     Management systems and organizational excellence

6-     Resource management and organizational excellence,

7-     Quality engineering tools and organizational excellence,

8-     Organizational behavior and quality,

9-     Innovation and quality optimization,

10- Success and failure stories in QMS implementation.


A 200-words paper abstract, in MS-WORD format, (single-spaced, 3/4 pages A4 size, margin of 2.5 cm on all sides, font Times New Roman, title 14pts bold, heading 12pts bold & text 12pts), should be submitted for Conference Technical Advisory Board  review. The abstract should be accompanied by a short resume of the author (s), in one A4 page, and should include the following information:


1-Title of paper also indication of one of the above ten areas to which the paper relates,

2- Complete name of the author (s), organization, title,

3- Educational background, work experiences, scientific activities, country,

4- Contact details including full address, phone, fax and e-mail ID.


The abstract and the resume are required to be e-mailed to by Jan. 1, 2005.


All authors will be informed of the review result by Feb.1, 2005.

Full papers should be prepared and submitted by March 1,2005 in soft copy, after receipt of confirmation of acceptance from the TAB.


Note: Speakers will be entitled to free registration. Stand-by speakers will have 50% discount of the full registration fee. For papers authored in partnership, only one author can be accepted for free registration. However, other expenses, including travel and accommodation will be born by the speakers or their organizations.   


All speakers will be requested to kindly follow the guidelines for their final papers and also PowerPoint presentations. The guidelines will be accessible at the Conference website.  Speakers are eligible to have their papers included in the Conference Proceedings. Papers from practitioners or from those working in partnership with industry and dealing with case studies or applications of theories to the actual quality problems are particularly welcome. Papers should be based on actual practices or promote specific new ideas. The papers should be original and may not have been presented in previous events and / or published before.


For further details and any clarification regarding paper submission please contact Conference Technical Advisory Board at .


Important Note: Due to large audiences of the Conference, about 5000, and limitations of the Conference Hall, the organizers have to plan to hold the Conference in exactly two similar rounds, each round for a group of 2500 attendees. The first round will be held on July 17 and 18, and the second on July 19 and 20. Therefore, all speakers should present their papers twice in the similar allocated timeslot as per final program. Also, for coordination considerations, all foreign participants (non- speakers) will attend the first round of the Conference, i.e. July 17 and 18, 2005.   


The organizers cordially invite your enthusiastic participation in this great quality event and, are eagerly looking forward to welcome you to the 6th ICQM in Tehran, Iran.


Please refer to the Conference website at  www.qm-conference.com  for all details and applying for on-line  initial registration.


Conference Secretariat:


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