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the executive board

The officers of the APQO are:

  1. the President; the immediate Past President (ex-officio);
  2. the Vice-President for External Affairs;
  3. the Vice-President for Committees and Sections;
  4. the Vice-President for Publications;
  5. the Vice-President for Conferences (ex-officio); and
  6. other persons as deemed necessary by the Council.
The Officers constituting the Executive Board must be Affiliated Members of APQO.

Ex-officio officers are non-elective and non-voting.

The Executive Board will be responsible for:

  1. the affairs of the APQO;
  2. the effective use and management of the funds of APQO as laid down on its budget;
  3. the preparatory work for a successful and efficient conduct of council meetings; and,
  4. all other necessary activities to ensure the proper functioning of APOQO.

The Executive Board meets at least twice a year.

The term of office of APQO Executive Board Members runs for a period of two working years from the conclusion of the bi-annual conference. No officer may be re-elected for more than two consecutive terms.

The Executive Board may formulate Rules of Procedure subject to the approval of the Council.