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recognition / awards

      The Walt L. Hurd (WLH) Foundation (APQO) was set-up to honor the memory of one of APQO's staunchest supporters. Its initial project was to recognize annually the world's greatest quality leaders and excellent companies.

To date, there are three (3) types of awards:

A gold medal is awarded, based on a well-defined set of criteria, to the Walt L. Hurd Executive who is recognized for excellence in management, and to the Harrington-Ishikawa Executive for excellence in quality-related researchers or publications and/or in academic pursuits.

The International Asia Pacific Quality Award is given only to a company which had already won the national quality award in its home country and which had passed the rigorous final screening by the IAPQA Council. The IAPQA will, thus, set a new quality benchmark for the Asia Pacific region.