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Charles A. Aubrey II
APQO President

Dear APQO Officers and Members:

Once again, APQO is ready to face another challenging year. If we look back at the events of the year just past, where the world was beset not only with natural calamities but also with different conflicts that occurred due to human frailties, 2004 would indeed be a challenge.

Let us therefore, welcome 2004 with the vision of APQO and with renewed effort. We need all these and more, given the potential problems that the world faces today. These problems will surely filter all the way down to our work environment and it behooves that we all join hands to be able to make a difference and somehow help ease the burden of the people around us. This will be achieved if we focus on our goals and work towards them with our contribution and our usual enthusiasm.

Once more, we thank you for your support which, needless to say is the source of the strength of APQO. We look forward to another successful year with of course our continued collaboration and your usual cooperation.

Cheers to a more fruitful year!