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On the Demise of our Quality Guru,
Dr. Yoshio Kondo

Dear Mrs. Kondo,

Though we never met you, we would like to let you know that we also feel the loss of your husband, Dr. Yoshio Kondo, who was very generous with his time, to us in the Philippine Society for Quality, Inc.. He not only came to the Philippines twice, to speak in our national quality forum, 1992 and 1995, but he even conducted lectures in smaller sessions and shared with us a copy of his book on "Human Factors of Quality Assurance." Truly his presence and sharings of his knowledge made our fora more relevant and meaningful to quality professionals in the Philippines.

His memory as a great Quality Guru lives on in our hearts.

Zenaida Veloso
Philippine Society for Quality



Dear Dr. Zenaida Veloso

Thank you very much for your e-mail of condolence. One month has passed and we should apologize for our delayed reply.

Our father Yoshio Kondo has started his hospital life from May 2009 because of pneumonia. He was in and out of hospital several times, and took nutrition with an intravenous drip injection over the period of about one year. This two year period provided our family with much valued time to farewell our father who had up until 2009 been very active both in the field and overseas. Noriko visited hospital every morning and we also spent time with Yoshio as often as we could. He mostly slept peacefully without pain in his bed.

At the end of March this year, Yoshio suddenly experienced respiratory failure whilst watching TV in his wheelchair and lost consciousness. He was likely watching the news on the earthquake and nuclear power plant accident, following the disaster experienced in Japan on the 11th of March. Our father passed away on April 1st at the age of 87.

Yoshio's activities were wide-ranging including research and education in Metallurgy as a Professor at Kyoto University, active engagement with Academic Alpine Club Kyoto mountain climbing club of Kyoto University), and initiatives to strengthen the field of Quality Control mostly after his university retirement. These activities were carried out both within and outside of university, and included time spent both within Japan and overseas. Yoshio was grateful for your continuous support and kindness, and for the support he received from many peoples in a variety of fields, which allowed him to enjoy such a wide range of activities over a long and happy period.

We sincerely thank you again for your friendship with our father Yoshio Kondo.

Very sincerely yours,

The Kondo Family
Noriko Kondo
Kazuo Kondo
Sachiko Ito