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Professor Liu Yuanzhang Frontline Worker
Quality Contribution Medal

22nd Asia Pacific Quality Conference
Rororua, New Zealand, November 20-23, 2016

Congratulations to the 2016 Professor Liu Yuanzhang Frontline Worker Quality Contribution Medal Awardee in recognition of his individual active role to control, insure or improve the daily operations of any work activity including design, development, production, service delivery or government activities for the organization, suppliers, customers, users or other employees.

Wang Yangyang

In year 2008 after graduation, I joined Haier after strict assessment. After 3 months’ internship and 3 years’ work experience in key position, such as assembling, electric fitting and welding, I became a senior technician. In 2011, I participated in air conditioner skills competition and won the championship.

In 2014, I attended our internal inspection skill training and exchange learning about overseas advanced technology, I became qualified senior inspector. In the same year, I participated in Haier technology competition and 13th vocational skills contest in Qingdao, I won the championship of leakage inspection  profession  competition,  and   got

technical expert title. At the same time, my team won national quality trustworthy title.

With the coming of industrial 4.0 eras, Haier group implemented interconnected factory strategy, which required change from operation worker to knowledge worker. Taking this opportunity, I participated in training of knowledge worker and difficult task solving project, won second award in Haier quarterly project of innovation. In August, 2015, I got Secondary technical engineer certificate of air conditioner leakage inspection in Qingdao, and got title of chief technician in November. At the same year, my team got excellent quality assurance team from China National Light Industry.

77 digital quality control items are improved, which realizes transformation from traditional factory to digital QC technological factory. Besides, more than 20 senior workers and 13 technicians are trained with this chance.

Improved 15 items about quality control and craft. 1. Air conditioner intelligent inspection innovation. 2. Pipe improvement. 3. Application and upgrade of high-frequency induction welder. 4. Welding quality improvement. 5. Septum improvement. 6. Refining standard. 7. Automatic evacuation. 8. Automatic charge of refrigerant. 9. Error prevention of compressor wires. 10. Leakage inspection. 11. outdoor structure improvement. 12. Package improvement. 13. Automatic safety inspection. 15. automatic inspection of indoor PCB. 15. SPC analysis of data base.

Take simulation of air conditioner use as example, previously workers take device to inspect, it is inefficient and the data is hard to analyze. After discussion with ME expert team from German, we added intelligent inspection box in every inspection line, which can realize auto inspection. And the data can be delivered to data base, which is easy to analyze and inspection efficiency is improved by 20%.