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President’s Award of Excellence

17th APQO / SPA International Conference,
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore October 17-20, 2011


Harnek Singh
Vice President & Director
Business Excellence
Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd

Harnek is currently Vice-President & Director, Business Excellence with Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd. He is involved in introducing and sustaining the relevancy of the Business Excellence Standards, the QMS/EMS/OHS standards as integrated Management Systems Standards in ST Engineering Group. Prior to his appointment with Singapore Technologies Group he headed the Productivity Development Unit at the Ministry of Defense (MINDEF); Singapore where he concurrently served as Secretary for the MINDEF Productivity Committee and various related PRIDE Committees as well was Secretary for the Inaugural Public Service (PS) 21 ExCEL Committee. He is the current Chairman, of the National Quality Management Technical Committee (ISO 9000 QMS) and member of the National Management System Standards Committee (MSSC) and represents Singapore on the ISO Strategic Advisory Group for Management System Standards.

He is a member of the Singapore Productivity Association’s management committee, and served the Public Service Center of Excellence Advisory Committee. He also served as Advisor for Business Excellence to A-STAR, and Raffles Campus Pte Ltd. He also serves as Deputy Chair, Nanyang Institute of Management’s Academic and Examinations Advisory Board. Harnek has presented numerous papers on productivity, quality management systems and business excellence, HR, innovation related topics, BSC, Innovation and IQCs at seminars / conventions /congress global forums in Hong Kong, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Australia, UK, Thailand, India, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Chile, Dubai, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Serbia and Kazakhstan.

Harnek is a National Business Excellence Lead Assessor, a trained Baldrige Examiner and GPEA Examiner and led many Singapore Quality Award (SQA), SQC, SQC for PEO and Niche Awards and certifications and BE Integrated Assessments teams locally and overseas. He has been involved as International Assessor and in training National BE Assessors and BE Consultants in Singapore and is also on Asia Productivity Organisation and Asia Pacific Quality Organisation’s list of technical experts for business excellence. He has played a significant role in facilitating numerous public and private sector organizations towards recognition for attaining and maintaining the QMS ISO 9001 certifications, the Singapore Quality Award (SQA), Singapore Quality Class(SQC), SQC for Private Education Organisations, People Developer, Singapore Innovation Class, Singapore Service Class level and the School’s Excellence Model (for SQC) for public schools and He was instrumental as management representative facilitating ST Engineering’s attainment of the Singapore Quality Award in 2002, Singapore Innovation Excellence Award in 2003, IAPQA 2005, and inaugural Singapore Quality Award with Special Commendation in 2007.



Dr. Js. Gilberto G. Concepcion

Dr. Js. Gilberto Concepción G. obtained his Ph.D from University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras. He did Post doctorate research at Syracuse University and trained in management and Industrial development at Univesrity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He was Analytical Services Director for Instituto Dominicano de Tecnologia Industrial and International Technical Director of the late Sterling Products International. He is currently the Principal Executive of JGC and Associates a consulting firm located in Dominican Republic. He teaches Physical Chemistry and Quality related topics at Universidad Nacional Pedro Heriquez Ureña since 1976, and was honored as Emeritus Professor in 2002. He was in the board of directors of the Dominica Republic Academic of Science. He has written more than 300 quality, management and sciences   related   papers   and   his   book,   Simplemente
Calidad (Simply Quality) is in its third edition. He is a regular speaker at the Annual Quality Congress of the American Society for Quality, the Instituto Mexicano de Control de Calidad and many other conferences around the word. His approach to quality using system dynamics and thinking coordination patterns named Dynamic System Evaluations SED® is used by more than 100 organizations. Dr. Concepcion is a member of the Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO), fellow and Country Councilor of ASQ, fellow of the World Academy of Productivity Sciences and one of the vice presidents for APQO Quality Award. He has been responsible for the development of the Quality Award Program in his native country for more than 10 years, where he has been recognized in 2022 and 2010 for the entrepreneur and enthusiastic participation. He has been also honored by educational and professional organizations for his work on Quality, Science and Management. In 2007, he was proposed for the Iberoamaerican Award in Science and Education and in 2010 received the Speaker of the year Award and Accredited International Speaker by the Latin American Quality Institute. He will receive in 2011 the President Medal of the Asia Pacific Quality Organization. His book Simplemente Calidad (Simply Quality) 3rd Ed., can be obtained as an e-book through


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