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President’s Award of Excellence

16th APQO / NQPCN International Conference,
Kathmandu, Nepal September 18-20, 2010


Dinesh P. Chapagain

On behalf of Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO), would like to applaud your excellent contribution to the APQO International Conference in Nepal and your on going unconditional support to realize the APQO vision.

We wish you and your organization all the best in your future endeavor.

Industrial Engineer by profession, Dinesh P. Chapgain is a firm believer of QUALITY for overall performance excellence of nation, society, organization and individual. After serving for 2 decades in public and private sector industries, from
floor level engineer to Chief Executive Officer, he took journey for another 2 decades towards academia conducting studies and researches on various areas related to quality and working as professor of management at School of Management and dean at School of Engineering in Kathmandu University, Nepal.
He has presented more than two dozen research papers on quality and productivity in various international conferences at different parts of the world. He is the author of five books, two in English and three in Nepali language, all related to quality and productivity. He is recipient of “World Quality Leader” award from the World Council for Total Quality and Excellence in Education. He is life member of Nepal Engineers Association and Management Association of Nepal. Presently, he has taken a mission of developing quality mindset among young students to prepare Total Quality People for the future.

For more about Prof. Chapagain, e-mail


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