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APQO President Award, 2007



President & Principal Consultant
AQAC International

Lou MAGRITZER (LM) was born and educated in Austria, where he trained as an Automotive Engineer and worked with Steyr-Daimler-Puch before the Melbourne Olympics brought him in 1956 to Australia.

In Australia he continued in various roles as an Automotive Mechanical Engineer, Service Manager and Proprietor of an NRMA workshop including a supervisory role in the Snowy Mountain Scheme.

From 1966 to 1995 he worked full time in the Australian aircraft industry in various Quality Engineering and Management roles with HDH/Boeing, Lucas Aerospace, Pacific Aviation, including 3 years in the Electronics/Telecoms industries with GE /Marconi / Plessey / GPT Group.
LM established AQACI in 1970, Australia’s first registered QA Consultancy, which he operated part-time to 1995 and full-time since then.

LM was invited to deliver many dozens of QEST-related and Six Sigma papers / presentations as Guest speaker at National & International Conferences in all continents over the last three decades.

LM's latest assignment in Jan/Feb 2005 was a six weeks lecture assignment in Thailand at the Faculty of Agricultural Industry, KMITL University, Ladkrabang, Bangkok (

LM is is regarded as a quality professional by his peers, past employers and hundreds of satisfied customers, from the Food industry to aerospace industry.


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