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Miflora M. Gatchalian Quality Professional Women Medal

14th APQO / 9th ICQM International Conference, Tehran, Iran
August  23-25, 2008


  Mahshid Yazdanpanah, Iran

B.A. in Economics, M. Sc; In Industrial Management, Quality Engineering, with 6 Certificates in “Engineering Creativity”, “Quality Function Deployment”, New Management Tools and Techniques”, “EFQM Business Excellence”, Engineers & Sustainable Development & Capability Building” and “Human Resource Management & Sustainability Development” Ms. Yazdanpanah held positions of Trainer and Researcher in Education and Cultural fields; Consultant in Improvement of Education Programs; Training Director & Vice Chairman, Continuous Improvement Engineering Consultants; Managing Director,Institute of Quality Engineering; Consultant and Trainer  in Strategic Planning & Deployment from 1980 to present .

Ms. Yazdanpanah is the author of more than 80 articles in standards, quality, quality management, quality tools and quality culture topics published in Persian Management magazines. She is also a Trainer and lecturer of more than 60 courses and seminars in education, quality culture, organizational development, project  management, OFD, Human resources Development & Management,  Strategic Management and related fields for 150 organizations, and trainer of about 3000 trainees since 1995. Developer of customized training programs in quality management and related fields; Member of Technical Committee of Middle East Association International Congress; Co-author of “Quality Function in Deployment in Services” in Persian; Translator of six books: Six Sigma, Team Management, Project Management, Business Process Re engineering, Process Mapping, Re engineering The Organization (in Persian and under publication).




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