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Harrington / Ishikawa Professional Medal

22nd Asia Pacific Quality Conference
Rotorua, New Zealand, November 20-23, 2016

Congratulations for the year 2016 Harrington / Ishikawa Professional Medal Awardee in recognition of your contribution to the advancement of the quality in the Asia Pacific region with your personal touch of leadership.


Professor Hadi Mohamed Ahmed Eltigani
Chief Executive Officer
Abu Dhabi International Centre for
Organizational Excellence (ADICOE)

Professor Hadi Mohammed Eltigani is a Professor of Quality Management & Performance Excellence with both an academic and professional career spanning over 25 years of teaching, research and professional practice at some of the foremost organizations in the UK, Sudan, the UAE and the Middle East at large.

As a young Engineer who achieved a degree in Engineering management (with Distinction), he joined the university of Bath in 1988 as a researcher working towards his Msc in Construction management in which he did a dissertation on the impact of Quality Assurance on Project performance of the UAE Construction Industry, which was completed in collaboration the Abu Dhabi Municipality completed in 1990. After working  in  teaching   and  research  at   the
construction study unit at Bath, Professor Eltigani moved on to the university of Reading where he was appointed a Research Fellow where he started his Ph.D study to further investigate the impact of Quality Management principles and practice upon the performance of service organizations at large. In pursuit of further opportunity to testing his theoretical framework of the study, he then moved to Glasgow where he was awarded his Ph.D from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland’s symbol of academic excellence.

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