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Nomination scope

This is a medal that is given annually to a frontline worker(s) who takes an individual active role to control, insure or improve the daily operations of any work activity including design, development, production, service delivery or government activities for the organization, suppliers, customers, users or other employees.

Nomination Criteria

Quality awareness: have strong quality awareness and make an important personal contribution to the organization, industry and/or work area with an impact on quality and improvement.

Professional skill: exhibit outstanding technical skills or approaches and use quality tools or methods to improve effectiveness (quality) or efficiency (productivity) or customer satisfaction/loyalty (behavior) or employee satisfaction/loyalty (behavior) in a measureable way.

Teamwork: have great teamwork spirit in support of quality and improvement and coach other frontline workers.

Excellent performance: have outstanding work performance and high performance evaluation feedback from internal and/or external parties.

Have not received this award within the last three years.