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1. APQO Bid submission: Core Council members shall bid for the Conference at least two and a-half (2 ½) years before the target Conference year. They shall send their bids to the APQO President (copied to the APQO Sec. General), if possible, with an endorsement letter from their respective governments.

2. APQO Bid discussion/decision: These bids shall be discussed by the Core Council in a meeting where a decision shall be made by consensus among the members.

3. APQO Bid acceptance: Once a Host Organization (HO) has been identified, the APQO Vice President for Conferences provides its representatives with a copy of these guidelines. The Representatives of the HO may ask for clarification, and results of their discussion shall be documented and shared with the rest of the Core Council members.

4. APQO Conference Sessions: Conferences shall have three (3) days of plenary and technical sessions. There shall be at least one plenary session per day, either at the beginning or at the end of the day.

5. APQO Conference fees: Conference Fees shall be paid to the HO to cover expenses for the conference, inclusive of the Welcome Cocktail function, except that:

5.1 Core Council members shall not be charged Conference Fees

5.2 Presenters who are APQO individual members shall be charged 30% of the Conference fee (with option of giving free registration to be decided by HO)

5.3 All other paper presenters shall be charged 50% of the Conference fee (with option of free registration to be decided by HO)

5.4 Non-presenters and all other conference attendees shall pay the full Conference fee

6. APQO Attendance Campaign: Core Council members shall campaign for attendance among the respective organizations they represent. As a general rule, each Core Council member shall aim to have at least two (2) presenters and 10 to 20 delegates.

7. APQO Welcome Cocktail function: There shall be a Welcome Cocktail function provided on the eve of the conference.
Participation will be open to all participants.
The HO shall make the arrangement based on the registration and reservations.

8. APQO Plaques of appreciation: Plaques of appreciation shall be issued to the Keynote Speaker and the Presenters. These shall bear the logos of APQO and HO, together with the signatures of the Presidents of the two organizations.

9. APQO Stage logos: The backdrop for the stage shall also bear the logos of the APQO and the HO

10. APQO Core Council meeting : Core Council members shall arrive on the day before the Conference to attend the APQO meeting with the following objectives, among others:

10.1 Confirm arrangements between APQO and HO on APQO – related activities. This depends on the plans of the APQO President.

10.1.1 Elect incoming set of APQO Officers

10.1.2 Plan APQO activities for the next two (2) years

10.1.3 Discuss the bids for the next two (2) conferences

10.1.4 The Sec. General shall take care of preparing and distributing the agenda to Core Council members

11 Host Organisation (HO) Responsibilities:

The HO shall be responsible for the preparatory activities, actual conduct of the Conference and post-Conference tours and tutorials, if any.
Specifically, it shall do the following:

11.1 Preparatory Phase

11.1.1 Select an appropriate theme for the Conference

11.1.2 Select suitable date and venue

11.1.3 Select categories for papers per stream

11.1.4 Draft requirements to which presenters would conform

11.1.5 Appoint committees to do the following:

a. Design brochures for 1st and 2nd Call for Papers

b. Publish articles in the HO association newsletters/web sites or press releases in major newspapers, and other promotional activities

c. Invite Keynote Speaker (s)

d. Obtain industry sponsors for Plant Visits etc.

e. Plan program and screening of abstracts

f. Evaluate tours available for accompanying persons including cultural shows

g. Plan giveaways, souvenir tokens, plaques

h. Plan souvenir program

i. Plan issue of proceedings/journal

j. Package incentives for guests and presenters

k. Gather information on hotels in the vicinity of the selected venue and range of costs of accommodation of first-class and premium hotels

l. Choose an official airline to ferry participants to country of HO, and an official travel agent with whom other agents will coordinate, in order to assure participants of favorable discounts on both airline and hotel room rates.

11.2 Call for Papers

11.2.1 Issue the first call 18 months before target Conference date and second call at 15 months before the same. President of HO shall attach a covering letter to invite more participation.

11.2.2 To allow time for screening and classifying of papers, set deadline for abstracts to 13 months before target Conference date.

11.2.3 Confirm acceptance of paper abstracts 9 months before, and specify format to be followed for a completed paper.

11.2.4 Set deadline for completed papers 6 months before target date. Assign a Board of Editors to conduct review of accepted papers

11.2.5 Request presenters for a one-page curriculum vitae and a recent photograph (passport size) for the souvenir program.

11.3 Other Pre-Conference Matters

11.3.1 The HO shall provide for the airfare and hotel accommodations of the APQO President and Sec. General

11.3.2 Encourage early registration to help ease pressures on Conference preparations by providing “early bird discounts”

11.3.3 Confirm participation of participants who remit payments and help them by checking whether promised discounts on airfares/hotel rooms are obtained

11.3.4 Include choice of vegetarian, diabetic diets or other special needs in the checklist for registration and make necessary arrangements with banquet services of hotel and/or venue

11.3.5 Prepare conference kits, exhibits, and choice of post conference Plant Tours, if applicable

11.3.6 Coordinate with moderators and meet with them to assure smooth transitions during the Conference.

11.3.7 Conduct a dry-run to estimate time allowances for activities.

11.4 Conference Proper

11.4.1 Opening Ceremonies. These may be held either on eve of the Conference to precede the Welcome Cocktails or on the first morning of the Conference.

11.4.2 Opening Remarks is given by the President of the APQO to signify opening of the Conference (-10 mins.)

11.4.3 Welcome Remarks is given by the President of the HO to acknowledge the presence of the guests and presenters, before introducing the Keynote Speaker (10-15 min)

11.4.4 Keynote Speech shall last 25 to 30 min.

11.4.5 Together, Presidents of APQO and HO shall award Plaque of Appreciation to Keynote Speaker

11.4.6 Plenary sessions shall have senior members of APQO as speakers,

a. these shall last 25-30 min., followed by a 10 min. open forum or individual sessions, depending on the time available.

b. Introduction of speakers shall be based on the submitted curriculum vitae.

c. Each speaker shall be given 20 min to speak and 10 min for open forum;

d. or if time is short, a common open forum shall be held for a group of speakers, and this would last for about 15 to 20 min.

e. Plaques bearing the official logos of APQO and the HO shall be awarded to all presenters. This may or may not be accompanied by souvenir tokens.

11.5 Social Activities:

1.5.1 Socials to be hosted by the HO shall consist of:

Welcome Cocktails on the eve of the first day

Light dinner and refreshments for the election meeting of the APQO Core Council

11.6 Optional Activities

11.6.1 Tutorials (if requested by HO’s members)

11.6.2 Plant Tours or Cultural Tours for Accompanying Persons.

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