ode to dr. h. j. harrington



We came to this class so eagerly

To learn customer satisfaction and quality

To enhance our skills and be the best that we can be

We are lucky they started in Memphis Tennessee


It was publicized as a boot camp

That means, it's intense and rough

And although most everyone wore shoes to class (not boots)

Y'all made it to the last day - now don't we feel Six Sigma tough?


We took a whirlwind of information

And with Dr. Harrington's help, we tamed that tornado

Refining the process of our education

And lowering our companies DPMO


On the first day we heard voices....

Why it was the customer premiere (VOC)!

We did sampling of their needs

And analysis to make those voices clear


But that is not enough

You see, you need a charter too

As a Project Manager Professional

It's needed to obtain support for you


So we started up a "Target Board"

Giving ourselves, even more to do

Cause if you don't have an agreement to "problem statement"

Your project is sure to become unglued


We needed a mission, a team and deliverables

Hey without things like that

Wouldn't your life be dull?

(Are milestones shorter in the metric system?)


Set milestones, and define the scope and needs

Consider using lean Six Sigma, to infuse and analyze quality

Why, Dr. Harrington taught us what to do,

Have a "TRIZy" day, consider DMADV!

And don't forget Benefit Cost Ratio

Then when you're glorious charter is approved

You settle right down into the DMAIC groove!


To find your "Vital Few", get your CTQs

And place them into your QFDs

Multiply through and identify

Your highest darn priorities!


Then to create really special effects

Crunch the Pareto's vital few into....

Good old Y = f(x)

And if that's not yet enough

Just look at what you have to do next!


Dr. Harrington teaches us to move the big Ys

And to do that you first have to try


To get both your Cpk values, well identified

And drill down to level three processes

Where the deviations like to hide


Hey, there might even be analysis lurking around with two tails!

This can be scary stuff, but we didn't bail!


We took our SIPOC and process matrix

And drilled down, and looked below level one

Heck by our third or fourth day of class

We even had some fun!


There was so much to learn, the PMPs were all psyched

And don't forget our lessons about discrete data types

If they're discrete, why do we have to talk about them?

It's not like they all have great Attributes!


Sharing all these feelings,

It's as if I've laid my soul to bare

But if we plotted everyone else's emotions,

We bet favorably under "Chi Squared" they would compare!


This poem doesn't get any better

I guess it might be due to our age

But we can give a sigh of relief

We finally entered the DMAIC "Improve" Phase


So, we found our "Design of Experiments"

Which was something that stimulated our merriment

And though we praise what we learned during this great class,

We just hope we can "Control" the fail versus pass!


Dr. Harrington's wealth of wisdom

Is truly something to respect

And we're grateful to the organizer Candy

That helped make Memphis the city he's select


Dr. Harrington sent Tom to teach us here

And he showed us how to understand the "Cost of Quality"

Enhance "Customer Satisfaction"

And more importantly

To be the best that we could be!


Special thanks to Dr. Harrington and his group

We were the first to receive the Six Sigma scoop

Thank you for teaching us here

In Merry Memphis Tennessee !


PMI Memphis Tennessee Chapter



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