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Ichiro Miyauchi

Dear Mamiko Maruyama,

Words seem inadequate to express our feelings on hearing the loss of your father, Mr. Ichiro Miyauchi.

Please accept our condolences on the loss of your father. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family during this trying moment.

We know that your dad was a wonderful role model. His advise and support will be greatly missed by many others. He was loved and respected by everyone who met him. We hope you can find peace in the wonderful life he has lived in.

Our sincere thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

With deepest sympathy,

APQO Core Council

Letter by Mamiko Maruyama
Translated by Mr. Shigeru Tsujita,

Thank you for the condolences from many people to my father (Ichiro Miyauchi)
Though I had been ready for it, I feel big sense of loss at his death.
My father died peacefully on February 11th, 2014. His age was 94 years old. On April of last year, he lost his wife Teruko. From that time, he seemed to be worn out. However, he tried to get overseas information by reading English newspapers and internet fighting with his cognitive impairment.

I statrted to sort out sort out his articles left by the deceased. I only saw articles for his jobs, so I felt that his life was just only for his job.

In 1951, he started his job as chief-inspector in Tachikawa base of US Air Force. It was just start of his QC life.

After it, he worked for Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. He worked as TQC promoter and he let aerospace division of the company got Deming Prize.

After retirement of the company, he spent all of his life to spreading TQC to the world (about 40 countries) as a counselor of JUSE (Union of Japanese Scientists and engineers)

At home, he didn’t speak about his job, but, I was surprised that there were a lot of articles of his vivid memo about his job. Following is a part of them.

“First moment when I was recognized by American people”
(My only one memorial day)

I introduced American “Quality Control Method” and improved Japanese Quality. As the result, US tried to introduce Japanese TQM. So I and Mr. Kurahara was invited to US Air Force and had speech with him. I was very glad at the moment. It was in 1992 (my age was 74 years old.)

The funeral was held under heavy snow. So, we (his family) remember the day impressively. Finally, thank you for his friends who supported and gave good chance to Ichiro Miyauchi.