The 13 th Asia Pacific Quality Organization International Conference & the 6 th China Shanghai International Symposium on Quality Held in October, 2007 at Shanghai

The 13 th Asia Pacific Quality Organization International Conference & the 6 th China Shanghai International Symposium on Quality hosted by Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO) and China Association for Quality (CAQ) and organized by Shanghai Association for Quality (SAQ) was held from October 18-20, 2007 at Hotel Equatorial Shanghai . Mr. Han Zheng, Mayor of Shanghai, and the quality division of State Bureau of Quality and Technical Inspection and Quarantine sent congratulatory letters to the Conference. Leading members including Mr. Chen Bangzhu, Member of Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and President of CAQ, Ms. Ren Wenyan Vice Director of Shanghai Municipal People's Congress , Mr. Zhou Taitong, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, Xie Jun, Deputy Director of Certification and Accreditation Administration of PRC , and Mr. Yao Mingbao, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Municipal Government, attended the opening and closing ceremony of the Conference and made speeches. Mr. Yu Guosheng, Vice Director of Committee for Financial and Economic Affairs of Shanghai Municipal People's Congress and President of Shanghai Association for Quality and Ms. Tang Xiaofen, Vice Director of Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Association for Quality and President of Shanghai Academy of Quality Management moderated the opening and closing ceremony of the Conference.

The theme of the Conference is Excellence and Harmony. About 400 delegates, including six Academicians of International Academy for Quality (IAQ), from China and 19 foreign countries and regions attended the Conference. The Conference covered 9 topics, which had 1 plenary session and 9 Concurrent Sessions. Over 90 papers were presented at the Conference and two forums, IAQ forum and CEO forum were held during the Conference.

SAQM presented the paper, An Investigation Report on the Quality Management Status of Shanghai Enterprises . The result of this investigation shows that the overall maturity of quality management of Shanghai enterprises is 3.5, at the domestic advanced level. 31.2% enterprises reached international advanced level, at maturity 4. 1.5 % enterprises, such as Bao Steel, Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co. Ltd., Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai Highly (Group) Co., Ltd, andAlcatel Shanghai Bell Company Limited reached world level, at maturity 5. The contribution rate of quality management to Shanghai economic growth and social development is 15.18% and 1.16 respectively. This is the first time that SAQM select relative indexes based on enterprises survey data and use scientific method to calculate the contribution rate of quality management to social development of Shanghai.

Mr. Liu Yuan Zhang, Academician of International Academy for Quality (IAQ), Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Senior Researcher of SAQM, pointed out in his speech: Chinese Government has attached great importance to quality and quality management . The total quality level of products has been improved steadily in the past 30 years. The pass rate of sampling inspection in state supervision of products quality has been improved by 8 points. Currently, it is imperative to promote Standardization of agriculture, and improve quality information work and mitigate risk.

Mr. Zheng Weihua, President of China National Institute of Standardization, indicated: only by changing positions on the global manufacturing value chain from low end (only engaged in manufacturing, processing and assembling, etc.) to top end (possessing product development, brand, core technology and technical standards, etc.), can enterprises take the initiative in global competition.

Mr. Shan Ruprai, President of the Asia Pacific Quality Organization, Chairman of Australian Organization for Quality NSW, pointed out that China has already become a main force in the world economy and manufacturing. China ’s demand for materials from Western and other countries all over the world, assist these countries to keep their inflation down. Buyers from around the world put lot of pressure on China ’s manufacturers to reduce the price of products made in China . Some times it leads to competition among China ’s manufacturers to cut each others prices. This can lead to lower quality standards. Mr. Shan Ruprai explores the opportunities for China ’s manufacturers to form an alliance either through a Reputable Quality Organization in China or through other means to deliver products to the World that comply with all relevant regulatory and compliance standards at a lower cost without compromising quality.

Dr. Miflora M. Gatchalian , Academician of International Academy for Quality (IAQ), put forward that food safety is a global concern. Food safety management in the world is integrated management. For example, ISO 22000 released by International Standardization Organization, requires each organization in the world to adopt consistent approach to implement HACCP. The key to food safety is Manpower. Finally she said that employee should be encouraged to become quality advocates.

During the three-day conference, delegates enthusiastically participated in various kinds of activities. By combining with their practices and research achievements, the experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and quality professionals expounded from different angles the important role of quality and quality management in leading organization to pursue excellence and realize harmony. They summarized all the discussions into 8 viewpoints. Firstly, promoting economic development and social harmony is the mission of modern quality. Secondly, enhancing sense of social responsibility is the foundation of quality work development. Thirdly, upgrading the level of public service is the direction of quality work development. Fourthly, focusing on quality of people’s livelihood is the main stream of quality work development. Fifthly, improving customer satisfaction is the pursuit of quality work development. Sixthly, give full play of leadership to the standard and improve quality competitiveness. Seventhly, six sigma transforms from improvement to innovation. Eighthly, performance excellence model is standardization of total quality management.

During the conference, SAQ granted Shanghai Magnolia Quality Contribution Awards to Dr. Charles Aubrey, Ms. Xuan Rui, Ms. Xie Qihua, Mr. Hu Maoyuan, Ms. Luo Guoying, Mr. Mao Shisong, and Juran Institute Inc. of U.S. , to render appreciation and recognition for their excellent contribution in quality work development. Asia Pacific Quality Organization announced the winners of World Class Performance-International Asia Pacific Quality Awards. They are Alcatel Shanghai Bell Company Limited, PT Indo Liberty Textiles, Tata Chemicals Limited, Banco Estado Microempresas, Datamatics Technologies Limited, Hengyuanxiang (Group) Company Limited, Nacional Financiera S.N.C., Centro de Desarrollo Infantil No. 5 A School. Winners of China National Quality Management Papers Contest and the 4th “Quality and I” Children’s Painting Contest were also recognized during the Conference.