Hon. International Ambassador-AOQ, ( ]

Much has happened on the international quality front in the last couple of months. While US based RABQSA was on a road-show throughout Australia to promote their services , AOQ did not stand still. I was on a similar mission in Europe to promote “Quality” on behalf of AOQ, APQO and the IAQ. Shan RUPRAI, Chair AOQ-NSW, was at the APQO conference in Hanoi, Vietnam and Mario PENNISI, National President-AOQ, was running QUALCON 2005 on the home turf, at the QLD Gold Coast.

In Vienna , Berlin and Salzburg I had the pleasure of meeting with some of the leaders within the EOQ to discuss the renewal / upgrade of long-standing MOUs with the AOQ. The first meeting in Vienna , the city of wine, women and song, was of particular joy to me, with fellow Academician-IAQ,

Viktor SEITSCHEK, CEO of Quality Austria and Konrad SCHEIBER, GM, and Team members (

Quality Austria is a rather new national umbrella organization, combining the country’s four longstanding market leaders in Quality, Safety and Environmental Standards and Management System Training, Certification and Quality Mark Testing ie. OeQS, OeVQ, OeQA and AFQM. This new name, QUALITY AUSTRIA , reflects the two most valued words known to any Austrian (including Austrian-born Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER and yours truly) as well as to Austria ’s many global customers. Quality Austria ’s theme is “Erfolg mit Qualitaet” or “Succeed with Quality”. I suggest that the AOQ, the AUSTRALIAN ORGANISATION FOR QUALITY should follow suit and change its name to “QUALITY AUSTRALIA ”. (Anyhow the name “Quality Australia ” is long known to over ten thousand quarterly recipients of AOQ’s journal and by the way “Quality Australia ” has only half the letters than the existing name.).

The second meeting in Berlin, provided me a briefing from DGQ Region-East Manager Frederike SAMEL, as to how the German DGQ operates and aims to satisfy the training needs etc of its customers, governments, industries, business and society. The 120 + page monthly Quality Magazine , QZ-Qualitaet und Zuverlaessigkeit (Quality and Reliability) now in its 50 th year, is a joint German, Austrian, Swiss publication in German language ( ) .

The third meeting was held in Salzburg , the well known birthplace of Mozart and the film, “Sound of Music”, where I was guest of Quality Austria on the Austrian Quality Day 2005. Another guest was the DGQ and EOQ President Wolfgang KAERKES, which allowed us to address the subject of AOQ MOUs with the German and European Quality organizations. (See photo).This annual event was attended by some 500 delegates from all continents including Quality Austria ’s business partners from 50 countries. Yours truly was the sole representative from the continent Down Under. The day’s program supported by real-time German / English translation, started with a Winners’ Conference , where last year’s Austrian Quality Award Winners presented their business experience before and after winning the 2004 award. Then the 100,000 th OeVQ Training course graduate was honoured, before the 2005 Quality Awards were presented by Quality Austria leaders and Austrian Government representatives. Celebrations continued past midnight enjoying the best of Salzburger food and Austrian wines.

International activities continued also on the home front. The AOQ-QUALCON 2005 event, co-hosted by the ASQ-Human Development Division, attracted a record number of papers and some 80 presenters ( ) in 16 planned sessions. The papers and presentations in the Aerospace stream seemed to attract special attention as the QLD State and Australian Governments are known to support the Aerospace industry in Queensland in a big way. The 216 QUALCON registrations included 31 international delegates from nine countries ie. from NZ-14, China-7, USA-4 and one each from Brazil , Bahrain , France , Holland , Malaysia and Santa Domingo. The Chinese delegation was led by the President, Six Sigma Institute Prof. WANG Jinde from SAQ Shanghai .

All delegates and partners seemed to really enjoy the various QUALCON evening functions and dinners organized by AOQ President Mario PENNISI and his Quality Team. (See Photo). The Award night was a special one for the AOQ-Gold Award winners handed out by JAZ-ANZ, CEO, Tony CRAVEN, because next year they are eligible to participate in the International Asia Pacific Quality Award (IAPQA) with over 30 other national Quality / Excellence Award winners. The IAPQA is the world’s top Quality / Excellence award to be presented at the Sydney APQO 2006 / QUALCON 2006 joint conference.

As the first President of the College of JURAN Medallists (CJM) it was my great pleasure to present the 2005 J. M. JURAN Medal for outstanding contribution to Quality, to my fellow AOQ-NSW Board member Shan RUPRAI ( ) (See Photo). At the same time, as a Life member of APQO, I took the opportunity to publicly congratulate Shan for his latest appointment as President Elect of APQO, indeed a worthy successor of current President and Six Sigma expert Charles AUBREY from the USA ( ). The FOLEY Award , issued in honour of AOQ’s third National Patron, Prof. Kevin Foley, went to another AOQ Globetrotter and Author, Bill FENNER (Bill made so far about two dozen visits to Japan, to study their Quality success and Management systems). As in Austria , Quality of Life matters were not forgotten Down Under, the celebrations in Surfers Paradise , lasted also past midnight , enjoying the freshest local seafood and Australian wines.

The State of Queensland was also honoured by the international Aerospace sector. Concurrently with QUALCON 2005 , the ATTOPS 2005 (Air Transport Training Operations and Safety Conference & Exhibition ASIA 05) was held in Brisbane ’s huge Convention and Exhibition Centre. ( The 197 ATTOPS registrations included 27 international visitors from 12 countries ie. from USA-8, NZ-6, China-2, PNG-2, Macedonia-2 and one each from Canada, Cambodia, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and UK. At least two QUALCON speakers and Aerospace Auditors, Capt. Patrick MURRAY and yours truly were spotted at ATTOPS wearing the unique AOQ tie. (See Photo) In the name of Quality, Safety and CI. Questions welcome by email: (998W)