Visit of Dr. Dinesh P. Chapagain in the Philippines

Dear all

Good   Evening  and  Namaskar  from  Nepal.

Yesterday,  on  19th  February  2008  at about noon time, we (Shanti and I) reached Kathmandu after a very enjoyable and productive four weeks vacation at  Manila and Singapore. We felt the same cold breeze of 10 degree Celsius at  the  airport like it was when we left Kathmandu four weeks back on 17th January. The pleasant weather of 25 degree Celsius we left behind at Manila and Singapore.

Dr. DineshI  used  this  period mainly to read some books of interest. I started with The  Hidden  Agenda,  then  The  Wu Li Dancing Masters, Food Technology and Globalization,  and  concluded with The Undouchables. All were mind blowing with new iseas. We enjoyed and used each minute of our stay at Manila and Singapore. It was possible  only  because  of  you.  We like to thank you for all supports we needed   to  avail  this opportunity.  I  and  my  wife  Shanti sincerely acknowledge this psychosocial supports from all of you.

To Hans, I may not be able to forget the luxurious staying at Pacific Plaza Tower  Condominium  at  the Global City with morning meditation at Swimming Pool  and  evening  walk  at  Bonifacio  High  Street.  This was my highest privilege  in  my life time. The ADB executive lunch was really a memorable one.

To Mamu and me, the time spent at the Montemar Beach was unforgettable
moments  of  our life. It was a nice meeting with Kitty and Annamari. Thank you very much Hans for all this.

To   Tina,   your  valuable  time  augmented  with  wonderful  networks at Philippines  and  Singapore has done wonderful help to me which I had never expected  and  experienced  before. Due to your efforts, I was able to meet wonderful  persons  like  Prof.  Rene T. Domingo, Dr. Sonia Y. de Leon, Mr. Artemio  S.  Labtis  and  Ms. Victoria M. Vallestero. Because of you it was possible  for  me  to share some of their knowledge of expertise.  Thank youvery much Tina.

To  Yoshioka  San,  we like to thank you and the AOTS Manila office for the meeting opportunity and wonderful lunch you have given to us at Jaipur Fort Bonifacio.  I  hope  to have nice networking with Nepal AOTS Alumni Society with the AOTS Alumni Society of the Philippines.

To  Madam  Victoria,  the  dynamic  quality  lady from Asia Pacific Quality Organization,  please  accept  my  sincere thanks for your time and efforts given  to  us.  You  not  only  gave  your valuable time with me and a nice breakfast  meeting, but also introduced Dr. Josephine M. Cruz, principal of Rizal  High School to introduce the subject of Students’ Quality Circles at the school level at the Philippines. Thank you very much Victoria.

To  Dr.  Joshephine,  please  accept  my  heartily  thanks for providing me
opportunity  to  share  my knowledge on Students’ Quality Circles with your teachers  numbering  to more than hundreds. You have committed teachers and intelligent  students.  I  am  sure  you  can  prepare total quality people introducing  SQCs  among  students at your record keeping school. I suggest you  to  please  use  my book and PowerPoint slides to conduct seminars and trainings,   not  only  at  your  school  but  also  to  other  schools at Philippines.  Victoria  can  help  you  in  this journey of preparing total quality  people  with  technical back ups. You must have received the Power Point I have sent to you through our Driver.

To  Dr.  Sonia,  thanks  for  your  time  and  the book edited by you “Food technology  and Globalization”. The book can be used as a resource material for  the  quality and food technology professionals. I like to congratulate you  for your success in preparing wonderful and quality people at home and at  the  university.  Also, we would like to thank you for introducing Dean Erlinda  S.  Echanis  of  University  of  Philippines  College  of Business Administration. Please forgive me for postponing my talk program at Science High  School  and  Department  of  Industrial  Engineering, UP. I could not manage  my  time. I will definitely keep my priority agenda in my next trip to  Philippines  (But,  I  am not sure when that will be possible). I would love  to  interact  with  students and teachers on the subject of Students’ Quality  Circle  to  prepare  Total  Quality People. I think Madam Victoria Vallestero can help you to introduce SQC at these schools and colleges. She is   an  authority  on  Quality  matters  at  Philippines.  Dr. Josephine, Principal,  Rizal  high  School  may also help you. I request you to please contact Victoria and Josephine in this regard. They will definitely like to help you.

To  Dr.  Domingo, one of my favorite quality gurus whose article with sweet and  short TQM Masalas I like to read and am very fond of and would like to read  very  often.  Thanks  for  the  time  you  have  given to me at Asian Institute  of  Management. Discussions we had regarding quality peoples and quality teachers were memorable one.

To  Dean  Erlinda,  I  would like to acknowledge the meeting we had at your office   at   the   College   of  Business  Administration,  University of Philippines. Thanks for the time you have given to us.

To  Mr.  Labtis, a senior ISO/TQM expert on Small and Medium Enterprises, I like  to thank you for the opportunity of meeting you. I like to remind you about  my  suggestions  of  making  a handbook for implementation of TQM at SMEs. I like to request you to assist us (NQPCN) to help us in this regard.

To  Dr. Bindu Lohani, a person having a leadership capability at ADB Manila whom  I  respect as a person of national prestige- We like to thank you and Sumana  Bhauju for the grand dinner at your house with delicious vegetarian foods  which  had  your  very  personal  touch.  I respect your concern for nation, as usual. Thanks Bindu.

To  Johnson  and  Lim,  We  like  to  thank  you both and madams too for an excellent  dinner  at  the  vegetarian  Chinese  cuisine in Singapore. Once again,  I  like  to request you both to consider my suggestion to prepare a proposal  of  training  programs  with or without AOTS/WNF funds to conduct joint  ASEAN/South  Asian  Quality  trainings  at  Nepal  with Singaporean resource persons. NQPCN will be happy to coordinate such programs.

To  Riddhi,  whom  I  always consider as my fast old buddy at Singapore, We like  to  thank  you  for  effective  and family like staying at Singapore.
Bhauju’s  useful  guidance  to  tour  Singapore in two days was really time managed.  First day at Orchard Road, Esplanade and China Town was very much useful.  Second  days  visit to Sentosha and Mustafa, little India was more than  enough  to see Singaporean multicultural ethnic settings. We observed keenly  and  realized  the  differential  progress  made  by Singapore in a decade.  We  can  never  forget  the  wonderful vegetarian food prepared by Bhauju. Thanks to Riddhi, Bhauju and Rejina.

To  Neetu, we would like to thank you for wonderful gifts you have given to us  and the Chapagain family- beautiful Keya and charming Noor. Keya’ sweet wantus  and Noor’s first ever smile, oh! These memories will be always with us.

Please keep in contact.....

Thanks……and best wishes


Prof. Dinesh P. Chapagain
Hon.Chairman, NQPCN, Kathmandu