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The Armand V. Feigenbaum Lifetime Achievement Medal is named after Dr. Feigenbaum whose creative genius has added new dimensions to the Quality body of knowledge and the way it is practiced throughout the world. His lifelong dedication to the development and advancement of quality principles and practices has impacted all of us that strive to further quality improvement in all the corners of the world.

The Armand V. Feigenbaum Lifetime Achievement Medal is given annually to an individual whose relentless pursuit of performance improvement over a minimum of 25 years has distinguished himself or herself for the candidate’s work in promoting the use of quality methodologies and principles within and outside of the organization he or she is part of. This person should have been active in driving quality improvements within the organization he or she is part of as well as being active in spreading the quality principles in other parts of the world. The candidate should be active in promoting quality principles through publications by publishing articles and books on quality as well as giving freely of their his or her personal time to publish and present papers at conferences and to serve as a volunteer leader in for nonprofit-making professional societies. The ideal candidate would have been active in promoting quality principles and methodologies internationally.

Evaluation Criteria

The nomination should be limited to one page per question (font size minimum of 10) with no more ten pages of addition to support the application. Supporting information should describe or reflect the impact/effectiveness of the individual on promoting quality methodologies and principles over a minimum of a twenty year period.

  • Question #1. How has the candidate promoted quality principles and methodologies within the organization that he or she is or was part of and what were the results of these activities?
  • Question #2. What papers and books has the candidate published?
  • Question #3. What quality principles and concepts has the candidate promoted/originated?
  • Question #4. What offices in a professional society has the candidate held and for what periods of time?
  • Question #5. What contributions/participation in international activities has the candidate been involved in?
  • Question #6. What other awards/medals has the candidate received related to quality methodologies and principles?
  • Question #7. What conferences and training programs has the candidate been involved in other than the ones that are directly related to the job the individual had at the time?
  • Question #8. What time period has the candidate been participating in promoting quality methodologies and principles?

    Give documented evidence of the start and end point of the period. (For example, the candidate published an article in Quality Progress on July issue 1991 or the candidate presented a paper at the annual conference of the Asia Pacific Quality Organization in September 1988 and the candidate is now Chairman of the Conference Program Committee for the European Organization for Quality.) Note: teaching classes at a university or college or being a quality engineer or quality manager at an organization is not adequate to justify that the person is promoting quality methodologies and principles inside and/or outside of his or her organization.

The Feigenbaum Lifetime Achievement Medal is being established by the Asian Pacific Quality Organization and the Walter L. Hurd Foundation located in Malaysia, Philippines. The Asian Pacific Quality Organization is an umbrella organization that unites together the many quality professional organizations throughout the Asian Pacific region. The Walter L. Hurd Foundation was named after a past President of the American Society for Quality and the Senior Vice President of Lockheed Corporation, Walter L. Hurd. The Foundation’s mission is to promote the advancement and spreading of quality methodologies and principles internationally. It is the Walter L. Hurd Foundation’s intent to have this medal sponsored by a number of other professional societies.