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3rd Global Quality Summit
28th -29th November 2012
Venue: Hotel Le Meridian, New Delhi"


In 2006, in the historic Town Hall in Antwerp, Belgium, nearly 60 national quality bodies spent just a half-day exploring what a World Alliance for Quality could do to help. And much work was identified. This gathering, although informal, was called the First Global Quality Summit. This meeting was an outcome of EOQ having envisioned and launched a young organization called the World Alliance for Quality (WAQ) in 2003 in order to bring together the world's quality organizations in a spirit of hope and cooperation.

With this in mind, the Second Global Quality Summit was held at a picturesque spot near Houston, Texas, USA in 2008. The Summit brought together leaders from over 40 national and regional quality organizations. Its two-day format allowed more time to both explore the future through dialogue and develop relationships. The meeting focused not only on improving organizations, but on using quality to make the world a better place.

The time has now come for the Third Global Quality Summit, to share, to explore and to relate in a spirit of inquiry and imaginativeness. Mainly to aid us and give some shape to our discussions, the following topics are proposed.

  • The Future of Quality in Organizations – With knowledge of the forces shaping the future of quality what advice would the world quality organizations provide enterprises seeking the competitive and performance advantages of quality for their organizations in the future.

  • The Future of Quality Management – Having insights into the future of quality how should the world's quality organizations provide leadership to the quality profession in preparing the profession to increase their value and impact?

  • Innovations that are working – What innovations have evolved since the 2008 WAQ Global Summit that the world's quality organizations have discovered or created in their increase the use and impact of quality ("Popcorn Session" – 5 minutes per innovation. One page brief.)

  • Developing the New Professional – In the face of the emerging challenges in the world, how should quality organizations shape the development of the new professional steeped in a quality way that addresses these challenges boldly.

  • For more about WAQ, please see the website


This year the Summit is part of an ambitious 6-day program, which starts with a two-day meeting of IAQ, followed by a two-day Annual Conference of ISQ (Indian Society for Quality) and IAQ Forum for which the theme is Reinventing Quality for Tomorrow's Challenges.

Anyone attending the WAQ Summit is cordially invited to attend the ISQ Annual Conference as well on payment of registration fee.

The WAQ Global Quality Summit is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday 28th and 29th November 2012. A group dinner is planned for the evening of the 28th.

If you plan to attend the ISQ engagement, the dates are Monday and Tuesday, 26th and 27th November. This is an exciting event. Please visit the website  for registration.

The IAQ meetings are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday 24th and 25th November.

All the programs will happen at the same venue.

Who should attend

In 2003 EOQ envisioned and launched a young organization called the World Alliance for Quality (WAQ). They invited the American Society for Quality (ASQ), Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE), and International Academy for Quality (IAQ) to join them. Later, the Asian Network for Quality (ANQ), the Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO), and the Mideast Quality Association (MEQA) organizations joined the effort. In addition to these organizations, representatives from the nearly 100 quality organizations around the world are cordially invited to attend this event. It is suggested that each organization nominate up to two persons for this summit.

Hotels and bookings

A number of hotels have been short listed for accommodation for the participants. Please click here to see the listed hotels and the form to book your accommodation.

Expense Sharing

This Summit is not formally organized by any organization. It is really an informal meeting of committed quality professionals. Therefore the costs of all meetings, conference facilities, coffee and lunches during the two meeting days and dinner will be shared between the participants attending the meet. The expected per capita cost is USD 250. Eventually this may vary somewhat, depending upon the final number of participants. The amount may please be paid either by electronic money bank transfer or by credit card as per details given in the Participation Form.


Please click here to fill in the Participation Form.

Administrative Support

Cox & Kings are the agency who have been appointed Event Manager for all the programs. They will provide all assistance pertaining to visa, travel, accommodation and sightseeing visits. You can contact for any assistance


Please contact Brig Bajaj (Retd) for any clarification/assistance on email or


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